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There’s not much you can’t do when it comes to customising your order offshore. While many decorations, styles and trims are available locally, these may not be within your budget, time frame, or specific techniques may not be possible.

Producing offshore is an excellent option if you the have the time to wait.  Offshore orders often require a minimum qty, however these minimums have been significantly reduced in recent years.

Most importantly, the final result will always be more accurate, and better starting from scratch.

Compare this option to producing locally in Australia

Don't Worry, Your Order Still Supports Aussie Jobs

Whether it’s custom produced by suppliers in Italy, China, Vietnam, New Zealand, Bangladesh, or Korea, there’s still a dedicated team on the ground in Australia looking after your order from well before it’s even placed.

From the moment you contact us, until you receive your goods, your order directly supports 10-15 Aussie jobs, PLUS helps young Aussie kids in need, via The Smith Family charity.

We aim to provide a better personal & professional life for our staff, and promote better business Australia wide. This is our way of working towards a greater future for everyone.

Our Team Values

Some of the most popular products for offshore production include…






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